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Most research in the social sciences is formatted according to the American Psychological Associations (APA) guidelines. Now in its sixth edition, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association outlines methods for organizing research papers and manuscripts and provides standards for citing sources. Though we will not compose research papers, we will craft business reports containing data and information taken from databases, journals, newspapers, trade publications, etc. All deliverables should be written in standard business block format (single spaced, left justified, etc.) and use APA format to cite sources, in text and in the reference page.

For this deliverable, demonstrate proficiency in using APA format to cite sources in text and in a reference page. We have provided three articles for this exercise, so you need not conduct further research.

Message Content (1 page)

Briefly summarize some relevant information from the provided articles in a one page memo, and use APA format to cite these articles in the body of your document and in your reference page.

In Text, demonstrate your ability to

Compose an introduction with context, a WIIFY, a purpose statement and a forecast.

cite each article

use and properly cite quotes

paraphrase and properly cite paraphrased statements

Introduce citations with signal phrases

Introduce citations without signal phrases

conclude with a brief summary and invitation for further inquiry.

Visit HYPERLINK \\\”\\\” for APA guidelines and examples.

In your Reference Page, demonstrate your ability to

Compose a properly formatted reference page

Create reference entries appropriate for the three document types provided

Audience, Purpose, and Deliverable(s)

Audience: Your Instructor

Purpose: To practice using APA format to cite sources in a business document

Page Limit: 1-1.5 pages (not including reference page)

Format: Memo with reference page in APA format
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you need watch this before you do

You must cite sources in APA format, but you will not format the entire document in APA (no running heads, etc.). We use standard business block format, but we cite in text and in the reference page using APA.
APA format and you: A winning combination

Instruction files

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ethnic_notions.doc(33,50 KiB)
online_shopping.pdf(1,53 MiB)
apa_format_bad_news.pptx(246,84 KiB)

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