Essay, Macro & Micro economics

In the Miller vs. Rosen kerfuffle a number of important issues were raised as to environmental economics. Answer the following questions:

1.What Standards are Miller promoting in his article? In particular when he refers to George Herbert Walker Bushs Rights-based pronouncements as being the heart of true environmentalism.

2.Which Standard is Miller criticizing in this article?
a. Explain Horse & Rabbit Stew. (Give me the whole metaphor)

3.In what Standard do we find the Seventh Generation ethos?

4.For Miller, What is the Right Shade of Green?!

5.Richard Rosen in his rebuttal to Miller, Reclaiming Economics emphatically states: Not only can we put a price on environmental quality, but we must do so in order to make intelligent decisions. What Standard is this?!
a. What is Rich Rosens case for cost-benefit analysis?
b. How does Rosen establish the costs and benefits of building fish ladders on the Columbia River in order for the indigenous salmon to spawn?
Instruction files

the_wrong_shade_of_green_reclaiming_economics_articles.pdf(1,05 MiB)

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