Assignment, Chemistry

1-Compare the relative difference in the strength of weak interactions to strong interactions and describe why it is that weak interactions can contribute to the stability of complex biomolecules. Give three examples of where weak interactions are used in biochemistry.

2- Explain how van der Waals interactions work and how they are responsible for maintaining the stability of DNA.

3- Draw a theoretical Michaelis-Menten plot of an enzyme reaction, label the axis, and define– or label on the plot–the terms Km, vmax, and kcat.

4- Explain why it would be logical that the intracellular concentration of many molecules is
near the Km of the enzymes for which they are substrates.

5-Why might a diet high in carbohydrates lead to obesity?
6- Explain why thymidylate synthase, dihydrofolate reductase, and ribonucleotide reductase are good targets for cancer drugs that inhibit nucleotide metabolism.

7- Describe the function of the light and dark reaction in photosynthesis.

8-Draw and label the essential components of a DNA replication fork. Pay close attention to DNA strand polarity.

9- Translation of mRNA to proteins is accomplished by charging tRNA molecules with their cognate amino acids and will be used for synthesis of proteins. Please describe the steps used by ribosomes for elongation of nascent proteins.
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