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Assignment #1. Defining the Problem and Describing the Intervention

Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to develop the skill of presenting a program or project from an evaluation perspective.

Topics to cover: In this assignment, students need to discuss clearly following topics.

1)Background on the public policy problem
2)Objectives of the program or project
3)Content of policy intervention intended to achieve the objectives
4)Identify the interests and roles of major stakeholders.
5)Design of a conceptual framework that shows how the intervention is to achieve the objectives.

Word limits 600 words,


1)Background on the public policy problem
-Brief description of the problem in policy term
-Identify target population that are most affected by the policy
-Experience to date in addressing the problem (previous or existing programs/interventions, results from quantitative or qualitative research studies, program reports, other)
-Identified barriers to change

2)Objectives of the program (project)
-The stated objectives of the program and include them in your evaluation plan.

3)Description of the policy intervention
-Describe activities that will be carried out with the aim of achieving the program objectives.

4)Conceptual framework:

-Draw a conceptual framework that illustrates how the program is expected to achieve its long-term objective using a system of boxes/circles and arrows to identify the pathways by which the intervention is expected to have an impact (you will convert these concepts into measurable indicators later)
-Use the conceptual framework to reflect the main objectives of the program
-Incorporate the concept of initial, intermediate, and long-term outcomes in your conceptual framework
-Incorporate the idea of context into your framework.
-Illustrate where the intervention fits within the conceptual framework.
-Use the arrows in a causal sense; that is use arrows to show that Box A influences Box B. Do not use arrows between boxes if there is not a plausible causal relationship (for example, exposure to a radio program does not determine or influence the age of the listener!).
-Focus on the most important concepts. For simplicity, limit the number of concepts mentioned to 15 or less (recommended range: 10-15 concepts). The purpose is to demonstrate your understanding of how to illustrate how a program is expected to work in visual/graphic form.
-Do not include any narrative with the conceptual framework (i.e., paragraphs that explain the framework). The figure should be self-explanatory.
-Give a title that explains what the conceptual framework is supposed to show.

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