Bargaining I

Please review the Module 2 background readings and then write a 2-3 page paper (double spaced) in which you:
1.Explain the concept \”negotiation range\” (give an example to illustrate the concept)
2.Describe the differences between the Entering and Leaving points, of parties (give a practical example to illustrate the concepts)
3.Discuss the differences between \”interests\” and \”positions\” (give a practical example to illustrate the concepts)

Remember, in addition to the background readings, the following reference serves as a good starting point if you have limited experience in the content area: Saner, R. (2004). Expert Negotiator, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden)Please write a complete paper (with introduction, body and conclusion) in which you address the three questions above.
2.Your paper is to address the above task in a clear, coherent and scholarly manner.
3.Remember to include references to support your opinions, and be sure to correctly format citations.

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