Bargaining II – at the table

1.Identify the case described by Trotter, and explain some of the social circumstances and practices within the K-12 environments that surround the case;
2.Explain the negotiation approach and style of the parties that were involved;
3.Identify and explain the proposals of the different parties;
4.Reflect on the approach of both parties, and comment on the strengths and possible weaknesses of their approaches.

* Trotter, A. (2007). Consensus in sought on religion in schools. Education Week, 26(27), 5-8. Retrieved May 25, 2011 from ProQuest

Assignment Expectations
1.Please write a complete paper (with introduction, body and conclusion) in which you address the three questions above.
2.Your paper is to address the above task in a clear, coherent and scholarly manner.
3.Remember to include references to support your opinions, and be sure to correctly format citations

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