Barriers to Business Communication

Barriers to Business Communication


Business communication, also referred as communication in business context is the aspect of communication that promotes products, services, organizations, providing official company statements or relaying information within that business organization.  In most cases, business communication is goal oriented. Policies, rules, and regulations have to be relayed to people within and outside the business organization.  This type of communication is normally regulated by specific norms and rules.  Business communication in earlier times was confined to, verbal communications   paper works or telephone calls and so on.  But in the modern technology advancement, there have emerged other aspects such as mobile phones, emails, video conferencing and satellite communication in support of the business operations. Effective business communication is helpful in establishing the organizational goodwill.

According to Vergne, (2005) communication is not merely regarded as the message or transmission of message but it is the exchange of understanding which emanates from the receiver. It is essential that communication in business contexts is effective since it’s the core of business management. Communication functions such as controlling, organizing, directing, staffing and planning can not be efficiently performed minus effective communication.  This type of communication involves consistent information flow in the business organization.  Feedback is a crucial aspect of any business communication . In today’s perspectives, many organizations are huge and involve a number of people as employees, suppliers, customers, contractors and stakeholders. There are also various levels in the organization, the higher, the level; the more complex is the task of managing organizations. In this perspective, communication lays a crucial purpose   with regard to control and directing people in that entity.  The subordinates and their superiors and the society at large need to have effective communication since this is paramount for the development and achievement of organizational goals.  For such goals to be achieved, communication gaps should not be allowed to happen.

Barriers to Effective Business Communication

Unless one understands   and identifies the barriers of effective communication, the practice of planning and preparation of effective will be incomplete and not bear fruit.  Such barriers may include sociological, physical, and psychological factors that interfere with organization, planning, understanding and message transmission. Various forms of obstacles could present themselves in the communication process. These issues interfere with the self disclosure, self esteem and the consciousness of both the senders and receivers of such information.  These communication barriers may endanger an organization if not timely taken care of. When the sender transmits a particular idea in a form which is not distorted or altered to the receiver and he or she responds to it, the communication aspect is regarded as being successful and perfect.  However, there are a number of factors which may present themselves as obstacles to this communication process.  Therefore, the person who is communicating ought to understand and identify the reasons as to why the communication has not been perfect so as to remove such barriers.  Understanding the communication process is a crucial step towards enhancing the communication skills and abilities. On the other hand, understanding the communication barriers is paramount to   the achievement of effective communication. The subsequent part will explore two of such barriers i.e. biases, assumptions and cultural barriers (Millett et al, 2011).



Majority of people have this aspect. After all, biases are shaped by people’s e experiences and who they are.  When people decide to talk to only those   who would content and   understand them, it becomes a barrier   to effective communication   though this may be conscious or subconsciously. In organizational management perspective, it is essential to reach the intended information even to those whose attitudes or biases are not in line with those of the management.  Many organizations for instance employ a diversity of workers who harbors a different world view and challenges and yet the information that is sent to them   is intended to reach and involve all.


Assumptions act as a barrier to effective business communication.  This is because they have the potential to make people follow unintended pathways.  For example, one may assume that people are nodding while he or she is speaking and are contented with what is being spoken. In the same way, if one asks for questions concerning his questions and doesn’t receive any, he or she may assume that they are indeed none. But the real fact may be that  very few people would want to risk  the to be embarrassed  being noted as the only person  who is not agreeing  or understanding  the message and such assuming that all of such people have understood your message is a mistake.


Cultural Barriers

There is a diversity of factors which constitutes of what is referred as culture. In this perspective, the difference in culture is about beliefs, and attitudes   which emanate from   people’s experiences and external environment.  Because of this, two individuals may obtain the same information but interpret it in two different ways with respect to their language differences and frames of references.




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