Book Report/Review, Nursing

Book name; leaderships and management tools for the new nurse. A case study approach
Discussion Questions Chapters 14,15, and 16

The following three chapters continue to broaden your scope of understanding work relationships. Being in a leadership role is very challenging. One of the biggest parts of management to be successful is delegating a variety of tasks in order to manage your time wisely. Delegation is not a new concept. In her Notes on Nursing, Florence Nightingale clearly stated \”Don\’t imagine that if you, who are in charge, don\’t look to all these things yourself, those under will be more careful than you are…\”

Consider your experiences within the nursing profession. What are the responsibilities of the professional nurse when delegating tasks to an LPN or a nursing assistant? What factors should be considered when delegating tasks? What are the nurse manager\’s legal responsibilities in supervising those tasks delegated?

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