Book Report/Review, Other

In writing this paper, you must follow the guidelines provided here.

Documentation. You must provide documentation for any quotations and/or paraphrased information found in your research and used in your paper. Documentation acknowledges the source of your information. (In other words, you must give credit where credit is due.) You must document all information that is not common knowledge that you acquired from another source. The documentation must be in the Modern Language Association (MLA) style.

In the MLA style, parenthetical documentation in the body of the paper is used to briefly identify the sources of information that you have borrowed in writing your paper. An MLA style sheet is available courtesy of the ACC LRS or check link on my web page. Please consult this style sheet in order to correctly document your sources and format your works cited page. If the style sheet does not cover the types of sources used, or if you need further direction or clarification, go online and consult the MLA Web site.

First Page. In the upper right hand corner of the first page of your report list the Title of the report, your name, the course number (GOVT 2305), and your section number. DO NOT put the paper in a folder or plastic cover. Staple the pages of the paper in their proper sequence.

Format. Your paper must be three typed, double-spaced pages in length. Use standard margins of one inch (top, sides, and bottom) and standard font sizes. The first page of the paper may begin two inches from the top of the page. Papers which are too short or gratuitously too long will lose points. DO NOT use headings of any kind in the paper, or extra spaces between paragraphs. Remember the paper must be at least three full pages in length (not counting your works cited page).

Works Cited. The last page of your paper will be entitled Works Cited and will list the articles that you used to write your paper. In preparing the works cited page, remember to use the Modern Language Association style, following the style sheet in this syllabus.

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