Book Review of James McBride’s The color of Water.

In this review, you are required to identify and address one of the themes which is present in the memoir. Be sure to discuss why this theme is important within the larger context of the memoir. You should be able to relate the chosen theme back to one of the narrators.
1.Should have a specific, original, and well-articulated thesis. One indicator of a good thesis is that it can be argued against. Remember, the thesis is your claim and interpretation of the reading.
2.Should have a title
3.Should be organized around distinct points, each of which develops your central argument.
4.Should identify and address at least one of the themes present in the memoir.
5.Should analyze rather than summarize the text.
6.Should reference specific passages or lines from the text as textual evidence.
7.Should follow MLA format throughout (including works cited page)
8.Should have a thesis statement at the end of first paragraph.
9.Should follow the format of PIE(Point(claim), Information(quotes), Explanation) in each of the body paragraph.
10. Should briefly summarize the memoir in first paragraph.

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