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It is 1830. The population of U.S. citizens in Georgia was growing rapidly and pushing into the western portions of the state. However, the Cherokee nation occupied a large area of western Georgia. Treaties signed between the United States and the Cherokees guaranteed them the rights to this land, but settlers had begun to move into these territories, sparking conflicts with the Cherokees that were growing violent. The discovery of gold within the Cherokee territory in 1828 only made the situation worse. At the urging of President Andrew Jackson, the Committee on Indian Affairs drafted a bill that would give the President the power to order the removal of all Native Americans living east of the Mississippi River to designated lands west of the Mississippi.
Read each of the documents below.  You may want to outline each argument as you read.

•    Group A — President Andrew Jackson
First Annual Message and Second Annual Message
•    Group B — Members of Congress opposed to the Indian Removal Bill
Speech of Edward Everett and Speech of Peleg Sprague
•    Group C — Members of Congress supporting the Indian Removal Bill
Report of the Committee on Indian Affairs and Speech of Robert Adams
•    Group D — Members of the Cherokee Nation
Memorial of the Cherokee Indians and Cherokee Address
After reading the documents, you are to write a three to five page essay explaining and analyzing the different perspectives on Indian removal.  Your paper should be double spaced and have footnotes.