Book Review On “Incidents of Travel in Yucatan Book by John Lloyd Stephens”.

Book: Incidents of Travel in Yucatan Book by John Lloyd Stephens
Book Review (Not a report, needs to be a review)

Criteria given/Guidelines

-What is the author’s overall objective in writing the book, is it intended to be an analysis of ancient lifeways or the people who recreate that history/culture/society? Is this objective achieved in this text? How so? Why or why not?

-What methods does the author use to construct his/her narrative? What are the lines of evidence he uses to reach a thesis/argument? Are there inherent biases to these kinds of evidence? Should the author have considered another angle or a different evidentiary source?

-What kinds of conclusions does the author reach? Are they Valid? Why or why not? What could the author have done differently to make a more convincing case? If the book “works” for you, be able to critically assess why this is so.

Target audience is Professor (so they will understand most common things as they have read the book before and are an expert on the topic herself) so ignore a summery of the book. Also avoid from using First Person and make sure to include a word count at the bottom of the paper.

Also focus on the method that he used to discover this information on how he wrote the book. Such as the use of Archaeology, Comparative Ethnography, Iconography, Or Colonial Record (Such as the PoPol Yuh)
The Main Goal is to Focus on the Mayan Culture and the Mayan People itself

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