Brief Overview summary/description of theory selected on serial killer paul durousseau. (why do serial killers become killers).

Students will be required to select a theory reviewed during the course in your textbook. Students will be required to write a paper with a minimum of 3-full pages (can be longer). Your paper will entail a brief overview summary/description of the theory selected.(The theory(ies) I selected are: Psychological Theories, Biological Theories, and the Social Disorganization Theory)..
In addition, you will briefly discuss arguments in support and against the theory based on material from the course. Expanding ones mind to see two sides of a position allows you to better critically think about a topic at hand. You will also provide your own opinion/thoughts on the theory. Provide explanation and arguments for your personal opinion on the selected theory. This essay will allow you to explore multiple arguments and positions on a theory and gain diverse understanding of many controversial explanations for criminal behavior.
Lastly, you will relate your selected theory to a type of criminal/crime of choice as depicted in an article clipping or peer-reviewed article

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