business communication

Influence an Official and Promote Your Cause.

At the Thomas site compiled by the Library of Congress,, you’ll discover a great deal of information about federal legislation, congressional members, and committee reports.  You can also access committee home-pages and numerous links to government agencies, current issues, and historical documents.  You’ll find all kinds of regulatory information, including laws and relevant issues that might affect you in the business world.  Visit the site and stay informed.  Maybe you’ll want to convince a government official to support a business-related issue that affects you.  Explore the data at the Thomas site and find an issue you can use to practice your skills at writing a persuasive message.   Or choose to advocate for an issue of concern to you.

You need to respond to the following questions and include those responses when you submit your letter:

  1. What key ideas would you include in an e-mail message to persuade your congressional representative to support an issue that’s important to you?
  2. In a letter to a senator or a member of Congress what information would you include to convince the reader to vote for an issue supporting small business?
  3. When sending a message to someone who receives hundreds of written appeals each day, what attention-getting techniques can you use?  How can you get support for a cause that conerns you as a businessperson?

Be sure to include your persuasive letter to your senator or representative with the information you gathered in 1, 2 and 3 highlighted above using the guidelines below to perfect that letter. 

—Use the letter format.

—A Salutation.

—An introductory paragraph, a body paragraph and a closing paragraph.  If you need more paragraphs, add more.

—The “You” attitude.

—ADIA  —  see Chapter Nine

—Refer to Chapter Nine–this is a persuasive writing thus one that persuades your reader to promote your cause!

—Do your research.

—Remember your signature line.

—Proofread, edit and revise your work!


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