The Impact of Legislation

Using these articles;Articles:
Donaldson, L. (2008). Developing a progressive advocacy program within a human services agency. Administration in Social Work, 32(2), 25 – 48.
McEwen, E. (2009). The public/private partnership. Policy & Practice, 67(2), 11–13.
Pankratz, C. J. (2009). Cross-national comparisons of family policies: The relevance of national approaches to social welfare. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 40(3), 493 – 511.

Write a 1 page essay discussing the key legislative changes that are currently happening in human services /criminal justice. Consider a specific piece of legislation related to criminal justice, and reflect on how the legislation will impact practice in human services.
Explain how the legislation has impacted human services and in particular criminal justice. Include how it affects client services in this area. Be specific and provide examples.

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