California Government in Crisis and Progressive Movement

Paper #1: California Government in Crisis and Progressive Movement (graded).Points 100Submitting a text entry box or a file uploadFile Types doc, docx, pdf, txt, and odtUsing the book \”Governing California in the Twenty-first Century\”Paper #1.At least four pages total, i.e. about two pages for each question, 12 font, double spaced.Chapter 1 of Governing California (GC) discusses the current crisis of California government.According to the text, what is the crisis we face in California today and what are the 4 main elements of the crisis? Be sure to show that you understand how each element leads to a political crisis, i.e. inability of our political system to deal with current problems. Do not merely list the elements, but show that you understand why and how each of the four listed elements contributes to the crisis. To receive full credit, students have to demonstrate insights and analysis. What types of solutions/reforms have been proposed by conservatives and liberals to resolve the crisis? Which of the solutions makes most sense to you and why?You should write at least two pages on this question. This part of the assignment is worth 50 points.As you read in the first two chapters of GC, California has a long tradition of distrust in our government officials that led the Progressives to pass a series of reforms in the 1900s that continue to define how politics in California operate today.For the second part of this assignment, after reading Chapter 2 of GC, discuss the roots of the Progressive Movement. Refer to the key figures and cities from where the movement originated. Evaluate the impact of Progressive movement on the CA politics today. Did all reforms work out the way they were intended? (50 possible points). You should be able to write about two pages for this question. Before submitting this assignment, please be sure to run a spell check and edit the writing. Use your own words when writing the paper! Do not copy sentences straight from the textbook.Evaluation standards for writing assignments.To receive the highest grade, your paper has to- be typed on a computer using the 12\” Times New Roman font.- answer directly all questions listed in the assignment.- be well organized and draw upon relevant research materials to articulate, support and effectively explain your response to the assignment.- be factually correct.- demonstrate strong critical thinking skills in the evaluation and use of evidence.- meet the length requirement.- avoid using direct quotations – only (2) one to two lines quotations. If you are citing a quotation, please explain its meaning and significance.- be free of grammatical and typographical errors.- cite within the paper’s text sources used in the research.- list sources using a single consistent reference style (MLA, APA, APSA), i.e. bibliography.

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