case study

PLEASE ANSWER BY Numbers and use this Book below
pls use Chapter 3,4 &8

Answer the following case study questions there are three:

(1) Self-examination of the breasts and vulva (genitalia) are important assessment techniques to teach a woman. Ellen is a 24 year old African-American client who is in the clinic for yearly health examination. She asks for a nurse to teach her about self-examination of her breasts. “I feel like I should know this especially since I have a friend who has breast cancer.”

Describe assessment of readiness for teaching this client

(2) Motivation
(3) Current status (age intellectual level and/or educational (reading) level, cultural background, etc). What does the evidence say about this group and their teaching needs
(4 ) Interest and actual and/or potential barriers to learning
( 5) Environment
(6) Identify outcomes of teaching.
(7) Outline the procedure that you would use to teach the technique to one of your patients.
(8) Include the teaching methodologies that you would use to enhance learning.
(9) List evaluative criteria. (How would you know the patient has learned?)

2. Martha is 4 weeks pregnant. As part of her prenatal assessment, it is discovered that she is HIV positive. Identify measures that can be used to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV from Martha to her baby.

3. Write one nursing diagnosis for the following situation, one expected outcome, and two nursing measures for the nursing diagnosis you identified.

Beth is 6 weeks pregnant. During the health history interview, she tells you that she has limited her intake of fluids and tries to hold her urine as long as she can because, “I just hate having to go to the bathroom so frequently.”

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