Case Study, Nursing

APA Formatting for Case Scenarios (NURS 424)
Case scenarios:
Use your Wagner text ONLY. The case studies are created so that you dive into the material that is assigned for the week. All answers can be found in the textbook.
Pay attention to the point value of the question. If it is worth one point or more, I expect a substantial answer.
When taking material from your text, you must cite your resource.
APA: (2014 edition)
The first time you cite Wagner it must be as follows:
o (Wagner & Hardin-Pierce, 2014)
Additional citations should also be:
o (Wagner & Hardin-Pierce, 2014)
If you copy something word-for-word (direct quote) then you should have this enclosed in quotation marks. This should be followed with the citation that includes a page number (see example)
o (Wagner & Hardin-Pierce, 2014, p.237)
o Heart rate is the first determinant of cardiac output and is an easily measured parameter (Wagner & Hardin-Pierce, 2014, p. 151). OR
o According to Wagner and Hardin-Pierce (2014), heart rate is the first determinant of cardiac output and is an easily measured parameter (p. 151).
Failure to properly cite directly quoted material is plagiarism and is an academic integrity violation. This will be enforced.
If it is not a direct quote, do not place a page number
If you write the citation in the sentence it should appear as follows:
o According to Wagner and Hardin-Pierce (2014)
You must provide the reference to your text
o This must be done correctly!!!
The word reference should be capitalized, centered, and boldface
You must submit all case scenarios as a word document.
Points will be deducted for incorrect APA. The objective is for you to perfect this prior to submitting your high-acuity paper due later in the semester.

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