Reflection Paper


The Arts of Influence (p. 163 – 197)

During your reading, additional time should be spent on gaining an understanding of the following terms: influence, communication, conflict management, and transformational leadership.

Prepare a reflection paper evaluating your organization with respect to the importance of emotions and influence in facilitating the prescribed goals and objectives. Goleman describes communication, as a key component in the ability to improve overall performance on both the individual and professional levels. This written assignment should focus on the role of leadership in utilizing emotions, influence, and communication in dealing with conflict management issues.

Also answer the following questions on the 3rd paperDiscussion Board Theme: The amount of time relegated by supervisors to address personal issues and conflict management in the work place.

1. How much time do you spend addressing the personal needs of individual persons that you supervise?
2. What types of conflict management issues are prevalent within your organization?

the writer must be aware that I am substitute teacher and my organization will be a public elementary school in an urban community. The writer must incorporate my profession into the writing, therefore the writer must have experience and be familiar with the occupation, particularly teaching in urban communities. The writer must incorporate some Clear EXAMPLES therefore the writer must have experience with teaching elementary in a public school.
I will upload all the material the writer needs soon.

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