cereal science

Title. 2. Justification – Address why topic is important. 3. Literature Review – Summary of previous work as it relates to your paper. Note: textbooks prior to 2007 may not be used as a reference. Journal article prior to 2000 are acceptable. Text and Page Format ): The paper must be double spaced, 10-12 pt font and have 1 inch margins on 8 x 11 piece of paper. Do not use full justification (use left justification) and use upper right page numbering.One must describe the purpose of the activity. Justification statements that are not clearly written or focus on what is to be discussed and not why the topic is important.The theory associated with any aspect of food chemistry. Target specific points that best represent the theory of the food chemistry topic. Minor focus on microbiology and processing can be highlighted but should not be the focus of the review.

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