Change Management Strategies for ERP Implementation

Change Management Strategies for ERP Implementation

Organizational change management is an important element of almost all if not all successful EPR system projects. As a project manager, it is important to understand the key elements of organizational change in the implementation of ERP systems. This strategy leads to success if followed effectively. It is important to manage benefits realization. This is concerned with identifying the benefits related to the project and making sure that processes and structures are put in place in order for the project benefits to be achieved or realized. ERP implementation come along with change and managing this change is vital in order to ensure that organizational and project goals are effectively achieved. I will also manage the expectations of stakeholders in ERP implementations. In this case, I should identify the major stakeholder groups and focus on resolving issues that may lower their support level for the project.

As a project manager, I will ensure that the project’s management reflects the organization or business. It is important to ensure that the right resources are available. The ERP system implementation can be expensive. Therefore, it is vital to have the right personnel right from the start of the project. This may be extremely hard to request employees to work on the project while carrying out their duties at the same time. At times, this is possible, although it may end up with workers failing in all their positions and tasks. In large ERP systems implementations, organizations will seek the brightest and the best personnel to take part in the process as they will be the ones with sufficient skills and knowledge on when the project is expected to be through. This is the strategy I would apply. Before the implementation process, I will ensure that the team involved should develop a schedule and follow or stick to it. This is the roadmap that establishes the costs, resource requirements, target deliverables, and eventually the project’s success. In most cases, the plan is thought to be a guide. However, it should be the measure or benchmark that all people are held to. Altering the plan implies more costs, resource, and less confidence in the success of the project.

Each organization that wishes to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system always hopes that the implementation process will be successful, on budget, and on time. There are various crucial success variables that could aid in ensuring the successful implementation. All the factors play an important role as Enterprise Resource Planning System implementation is not an easy task and necessitates a lot of resources. Even the easiest or simplest implementation of ERP will result in changes. The change may involve simple things such as the way in which components are taken to the line of production or significant changes including sophisticated processes across the organization. Regardless of the changes, any implementation of ERP should have a team of change management that is comprised of change and business specialists who have the necessary knowledge and skills to create a plan of how organizational changes as a result of ERP implementation will be communicated within the organization. As a project manager, I believe that this will result to the project’s success.

As a project manager, I will focus on managing project communication. Communication is a major component in any project as it leads to coordination and cooperation among project members. I will ensure that there is a systematized process for communicating information related to the project to project stakeholders. Managing workforce transition is also important in managing change during ERP implementation. This is focused on establishing the project areas which will impact on the roles and responsibilities of the organization’s workforce and guide the company in the process of change. I will also manage training effectiveness and efficiency. I believe that as a project manager, I should be able to identify learning needs, training materials, and develop a curriculum in order to ensure effective training delivery. If this strategy is followed effectively, the risk of resistance from organizational members is minimized. Most people fear organizational change especially when it is not effectively communicated to the organization. However, this strategy ensures effectiveness and efficiency in delivery of the project.


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