Chart concerning projected growth in chosen profession

Week 6: Week 6 – Week 6 Assignment Project

Week 6 Assignment Project hrm


Numbers play a key role in any business presentation. Revenues, units shipped, profits, and market share are the hits, runs, and errors of the business scorecard, and everyone in business understands their importance.

In any presentation, you want both the number-fluent and number-challenged audience members to understand and agree with you. Skillfully designed numeric graphics can help achieve that. They translate digits and decimals into visual images that make abstract relationships concrete and much easier to recognize.

For your assignment, you will create a chart concerning projected job growth in your chosen profession. You can research this information by clicking here. Create the chart within your presentation. Be sure to properly label the slide and information.

Submit your assignment as an attached document (.ppt or .pptx) in the dropbox. Remember to proof your work for spelling and grammar before submitting. Be sure to select “Week 6 Assignment Project” from the basket dropdown menu located in the dropbox.

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