Choices in Decision Making

Critical thinking

Choices in Decision Making

This week, you have begun to learn about the wide variety of techniques for making decisions and the even wider array of situations in which these techniques can be used. One style or method of decision making might be appropriate for decisions regarding an organization’s strategy or practice, for instance, while another method might be more suited to decisions related to individual stakeholders. This week’s Application will help you to compare different ways of making decisions and to think about their practical applications.

Compose a 750- to 1,250-word response assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the dual approaches in each of the following decision making dichotomies:

Conclude with observations of how these approaches are used or not used in your organization and where missed opportunities might exist. Be sure to discuss how to apply the pertinent readings from this week to your organization’s decision-making process that would benefit that process.

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