Choose a topic of interest. Ask yourself a “burning question.”

Words: 590
Pages: 3
Subject: Essays

Essay #3 MUST be an Informative Research Essay.

This is not an argumentative essay; this is an informative essay, so work carefully.


  1. All in APA format.
  2. 6-7 pages in length (excluding the title page and References page)
  3. Minimum amount of resources to use five; the maximum amount of resources to use one per page (7).   (For your resources, use only TWO Internet resources – only use those addresses that end in .org, .gov, edu, mil – use .com sources only for news sources); our library online does not count as an Internet (journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  4. Level one headings – Do NOT take the place of that easy flow between paragraphs.
  5. Third person point of view
  6. Major points are usually specified by level one headings.

A level one heading is centered on the page – just like a title – bold faced.



  1. Choose a topic of interest.
  2. Ask yourself a “burning question.”  This is something you are just so intrigued about the issue that you want to find the answer to.
  3. Write out four to five major points you wish to discuss in the essay.
  4. Be certain the title of the essay is creative.  (You may use this to bring the essay to a close in the last sentence of the conclusion.)
  5. Write a marvelous introduction that really grabs the readers’ attention.  The last sentence of the introductory paragraph is the thesis statement.  Do not try to argue a point; this is only to inform the reader.
  6. Write topic sentences for each point.  Use conjunctive adverbs (top of p. 146 in The Writer’s Brief Handbook) at the beginning of the topic sentences.  Also, take care that the ending sentence of one paragraph brings up the idea of the first sentence of the next paragraph.

HELPFUL HINT: Write the introduction, the thesis statement, the topic sentences, and the conclusion first – then, you are able to read it to see if you have unity right away.  This will help you achieve UNITY.  Finally, go back and add the six to twelve sentences to explain each of the topic sentences to the reader.  Remember when the reader is done with one paragraph or point, he or she will want to know: Who, where, why, when, how, what happens.

  1.  Write a conclusion that sums up the essay and brings closure to the reader.
  2. Finally, when you are through writing this essay in your own words with your own thoughts, then, it is fine to research pieces of valid information to back up each of your major points.  Do not forget to cite the research in APA: Internally in parentheses and then on the References page correctly.  HELPFUL HINT: Whatever is in parentheses MUST match up exactly to the References page.

After you understand the set-up of the essay, choose a topic that is of interest to you and to your audience.

Possible Topics

Choose your own topic of interest:

  1.  Nursing/medical fields/profession you have chosen
  2.  Drug testing for people who are on welfare
  3.  Fishing
  4.  Cooking
  5. violence
  6. Music
  7. Carpentry
  8. Life with social anxiety
  9. Epilepsy
  10. Teenage pregnancy
  11. bullying
  12. texting and driving
  13. Gun control
  14. No helmet law
  15. Seat belt law
  16. Election in November
  17. Legalizing marijuana
  18. Animal hoarding
  19. Hoarding (in general)
  20. Addiction
  21. Suicide prevention
  22. Teenage suicide
  23. College students binge drinking/or drinking in general
  24. Mandatory minimum drug sentences
  25. Children from eight to fourteen sentenced to life in prison
  26. Factory farms
  27. AIDS
  28. International Prison Sentencing


This is just a straight-forward essay that utilizes everything you have learned thus far.  This essay will be optional to peer edit.