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Goals: To educate your peers on a topic that has some significance in society. Of the criteria for this speech, organization will most important.  You must also have a well developed Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.  The speaker should deliver the presentation in an energetic and extemporaneous style of delivery.  Reading excessively from notes will be considered a weakness that will generally result in a maximum grade of “C”.


Time Limit: 4 to 6 minutes

Outline: Full Sentence

Bibliography: Required

Number of Sources needed: 3

Note Cards: 4 maximum

Presentational Aid: Required

Grading Criteria

The Introduction and Conclusion should adhere to the structure established in Chapter 9 of our textbook. Both of these sections will be worth 25 points.

The Body of the Speech should have clearly stated main points ranging from 2 to 5.  Main points should also have proper types of support. The organizational strategy you choose should also be clear and consistent. Transitions should be utilized and sources need to be cited within the speech.  The body is worth 75 points.

Delivery is worth 25 points.  Speaker should maintain eye contact with the audience, have energy in their voice, use notes effectively, and avoid distracting nonverbal communication. Dress should be appropriate and no hats allowed, please.

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