Company comparison

We have to choose two companies in the same industry. One that is sustainable and one that is less than sustainable and could certainly be more sustainable and compare them using the guidelines below.

To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to apply what you have learned in this course and should include several of the following course and module objectives:
1. Identify and prioritize ethical issues within the business setting
2. Understand and discuss the following ethical concepts and how each affects business strategy and management:
• Free-market vs. sustainable business economic paradigms
• Corporate social responsibility and corporate culture and values
• Obligation to environmental stewardship
• Sustainable management, production and supply chain
• Sustainable consumerism, “greening” the market
3. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in resolution of ethical problems which may arise in the modern, sustainable business environment
Main Elements
Your final paper will have the following elements:

• Discuss the three pillars of the sustainable business and contrast these with “conventional” paradigms. Be sure to include the concept of economic growth vs. development. Also include a discussion of the impact on the biosphere.
• Within the above context, compare and contrast a company of your choice that embodies the tenets of the sustainable business along with one that embodies that of the traditional model.
• Within the above discussion elaborate on how each affects business strategy and management:
• The business model/economic paradigm
• CSR/corporate culture/values
• Obligation to environmental stewardship
• Life cycle management
• Production
• Supply chain practices (where do they source their inputs, etc.)
• The relation between the business practices of each company and consumer behaviors
• The ethics of each company’s marketing activities
• Accounting, finance, HR, and Operations Management
• What potential ethical issues can you identify with regard to these companies? How would you prioritize them? Explain your reasoning. How would you approach resolving these ethical problems?

Avoid the temptation to fill your paper with corporate
profile information that can be found on the web. I know you can research, and
I know you can read! This assignment is designed to demonstrate COMPREHENSION

In the last bullet point under ‘Main Elements’, you are
asked to identify potential ethical issues and then prioritize them. Please pay
attention to the next sentence: “EXPLAIN YOUR REASONING” – this means that your
choice of ethical issues and their prioritized order must be explained (as
opposed to just listing them!). If you find that you are running up against a
page limit by this point, go back and look for areas to summarize more briefly,
so that you have room to address that last bullet point in detail.

Lastly, avoid the temptation to overwhelm your work with
references and large quotes. You must not let the work of others do the work in
this assignment for you. Make the point you are trying to make and then
use a quote to support your position – not the other way around!

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