Compare historical explanations(listed in instructions) for the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

The 4 different explanations:
1. Relevant pages in “Give Me Liberty” by Eric Foner
2. (Links to an external site.) p.1-8
Purpose: To critically examine and evaluate historical explanations of witchcraft persecutions.
Process: Approach this assignment by asking two initial questions: “What is similar and what is different about how these accounts explain motivations and outcomes of the witchcraft trials? How do these accounts shape understanding of what happened in Salem in 1692?”

At the beginning of the essay, introduce the accounts subject to analysis. Establish a thesis that compares how these accounts shape understanding of the witchcraft trials. In analyzing the accounts you may want to consider some of the following questions:

why were more women than men implicated in being witches?
who were the most likely victims according to these accounts?
what can be determined by comparing those who were accused of witchcraft with those who were acquitted or convicted?
how valid and useful is the concept of “hysteria” as a historical explanation for those events?

Use specific examples from each account to support your comparative analysis. Also please include a Works Cited list of sources analyzed at the end of the essay.

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