Computer Science

Words: 268
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays
  1. Introduction
    1. Give the reader brief information about the area of measurement.
    2. Talk about  what is the difficulty of measurement
    3. What are you proposing?
    4. Give the reader a roadmap through you paper.


  1. Background (literature review, previous work)
    1. Find who worked on this area b4.
    2. Describe the work that has been done previously in a timely manner.
  2. Object oriented Metrics
    1. What are the object oriented metrics?


Since object oriented systems are of a different nature than other systems such functional or AI systems, there is a need for developing oo measure that address the specific character of such features.

  1. Describe them
  2. Has any of them been related to software science
  3. Has there been any evaluation for oo metrics
  4. Why oo is different than other systems.
  5. New model
    1. What is your idea?
    2. Can you give an example?
    3. How does your idea compares to other models/ideas?
    4. Can describe your idea in drawing? (can you draw it?)
    5. Is your model related to or based on other models
  6. Evaluation (example: new measure for OO design)
    1. Did you evaluate the effect of your idea?
    2. Did you evaluate based on a criteria or example that has been used by others (good thing to do)?? Or are you using a totally new example?


  1. Discussion
    1. How is your idea is different from others?
    2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using and/or applying your idea?
    3. Can you  present the negatives of the other models that were positively addressed by yours?

What are the remaining thoughts on your model/idea? Is there anything that you would like to add to the idea in the future?