Consumer Behavior for retired individuals who go on cruises

The client is Carnival Cruise Line

The topic is the consumer behavior of retired individuals

For this paper, you will write as a research team employed by a major consulting company.  Several clients (list to be provided by the instructor) have asked for an analysis, synthesis and evaluation of past academic research on consumer behavior.  Due to your strong academic credentials, your boss has asked you to write the report.  The client is interested in several consumer behavior areas (we will discuss and finalize a list of topics in class).  Each student will prepare a research paper for the client on one of the topics.
Cite references using APA style. A draft of the paper, along with a list of references used up to that point will be submitted for evaluation and feedback several weeks before the final due date (see schedule for details).  In the final draft, develop tables and figures as appropriate.  The following headings are required:
•    Introduction.
•    Background.  Introduce the consumer behavior issue, question or concern. Explain why it is of interest to business today.  Indicate how this issue is especially relevant to the client.
•    Theoretical Foundation.  Indicate what consumer behavior theory or concepts have been used to explain this aspect of consumer behavior.  Provide examples of the research hypotheses that have been developed.  If possible, identify possible areas where theories are concepts may seem to be in conflict.
•    Findings.  Summarize the findings of several academic studies that have analyzed consumer behavior in this area.  Identify areas of agreement across studies, and where the studies are not in agreement.
•    Conclusion.  Evaluate and present a point of view on the past research in this area.  What are the implications of this research for the client? Are there additional aspects that merit further research?  Develop 4 to 5 managerial “take-aways” or recommendations from your evaluation of academic research in this area.
Please include the headings in your paper for submission.

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