Contemporary Issues in Consumer Research

Word limit/presentation criteria 2500 words. A 10% penalty will be imposed for every 500 words over the word limit

Details of the task

Belch, (2005, p.569) suggest that ‘the Internet is changing the nature of the family decision-making process. With its ability to provide easily accessible information and purchase options, the Internet has potentially altered the decision-making roles of family members based on their interest in and expertise with the Internet.’ In the last few years the increase of market mavens has been observed. Concentrating on the virtual market space analyse the influence of teen internet mavens upon family decision making.
Provide appropriate examples to illustrate your analysis and present the implications for Marketing.

Structure of the essay


Mention what are you going to talk about
(10% of the word-count)

Main Body

You are asked to produce a report that will focus on two main tasks. They are expected to define, explain and critically evaluate:
1. Changes in the marketplace – increase of the role of online product search and purchase- the role of Internet. (50 marks)
2. Family Decision Making Process – the stages and the increasing role of Internet Mavens in the Family Decision Making Process. (50 marks)

You can mix them together and is a general idea what should be included. Moreover you should include:
* education level of the parents will influence teenager’s buying decisions-example-theories
*decision making process-family’s decision making process
*countries differences-not focus only on western countries
*what’s a teenage-definition-age-impact on family-financially independent or not
*family definition
*family structure-if only child-divorced parents-parents abroad
*product category
*online users behaviour
*researches opinions-mix founding of journals-e.g. some researchers have this opinion others have another opinion because of the methodology or…… (make an argument for the founding)


Summarise and make clear what your essay is about and what areas you have covered (10% of word count)

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