Could it help resolve safeguarding issues i.e. sexual grooming?

The lecture was about Social work and the digital world, talking about how easy it may be for a social worker to access service users information via social media or vice versa. We then did a task of searching a fellow students name via search engine and seeing if, or how many photo’s appeared. This showed how easy it is for someone to get hold of pictures if you don’t have the right settings in place. We talked a little about guidance on conduct and ethics for students for example ‘you should make sure that behavior does not damage public confidence in your profession’. Then we were asked if we think social workers should be allowed to look or seek information about a service users via social media. Could it help resolve safeguarding issues i.e. sexual grooming? She told us how BASW has a policy, that when you qualify you need to understand safeguarding online. Also we were told how some past students write horrible comments about a lecturer, and they got found out and had to do ‘Fitness to practice’. We got told the recent Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, section 33 and already there’s been 40 odd cases.

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