Coursework, Statistics

The purpose of this discussion is to infer a level of certainty by computing confidence level estimates for the clinical trial of a drug.

At the end of Chapter 6 in the Sullivan text, Practice Problems 2 and 3 ask you to apply measures of confidence level to determine the range of effectiveness of an experimental drug intended to lower blood pressure.

Do the computations needed to answer both questions. Use the instructions in Chapter 6 of the online workbook for guidance in completing the computations in Microsoft Excel.
Imagine that you are a public health official at a press conference, introducing this experimental drug to the public. In 500 words or less, describe how you would explain your conclusions about the effectiveness of the drug, based on the results of your computations.
Attach your Excel file with the computations to your initial post.
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Instruction files

chapter_6_confidence_interval_estimates.pdf(793,86 KiB)
chapter_7.pdf(1,23 MiB)
chapter_6.ppt(480,00 KiB)

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