Define the terms attachment and sociability.

Project description
Task 1:

Produce an introduction to your game in which you:
define the terms attachment and sociability (a.c. 1.1 and 2.1)

Task 2:

You should create 10 to 15 questions and answers which should:

describe methods used in attachment research (a.c. 1.3)
describe the development of attachment bonds (0-3 years) (a.c. 1.2)
describe the stages of socialisation in infants and children (a.c.2.2),

Task 3:
Write a short critical analysis in which you:
evaluate the purpose of the attachment bonds (a.c. 1.2)
evaluate the conclusions reached in attachment research (a.c.1.3)
evaluate RESEARCH into the maternal deprivation hypothesis (a.c. 1.4)
evaluate contrasting theories of socialisation with reference to different types of socialisation (a.c. 2.3).

You will give your game a title, rules and include 10 to 15 questions remember to give the ANSWERS to the questions.
References must be included using the Harvard format.
Added on 08.11.2016 06:42
the main aim of this electronic/board game is to gain understanding of theories and evidence of the development of attachment and sociability in infants and children.
you will plan, design and produce a game on the attachment and sociability of infants and children. in this assignment you may wish to consider a range of studies such as Lorenz, Harlow, , rhesus monkeys study, Bowlby , Thieves study, and Ainsworth , ,\”Strange situation\” study.

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