Create a new set of edgy and exciting scripts for the “sequel” films.

We recommend that BMW invest an additional $18mm into producing 3 more films to capitalize off the current momentum and buzz the first series of films generated. Good start/pretty SMAC but how could you make this even more compelling/convincing? How about how it nailed the strategic objective of filling the pipeline with prospects by briefly talking the 1.2M highly engaged folks from Ex 11 with their perfect-fit demographics/psychographics? This marketing strategy was the first of its kind and was very effective in targeting our ideal customer for entry into the BMW family. While the cost per viewer is significantly higher than our traditional methods, the upside opportunity far outweighs the costs of the project. Please drop the adjectives and give me some #’s. The numbers here are your (EXTREMELY STRONG) allies, while adjectives make you look like you are soft or hedging?
Basis for the Recommendation:
Not very inviting to the eye.The original film series has been widely acclaimed by both the media and consumers a like. We should secure Clive Owen to continue as “The Hire” while highlighting some of the new 2002 BMW models in the films. Once again, well respected and known directors should shoot these films to ensure that the brand remains fresh, provocative and edgy. While our competitors may try to recreate or use similar ideas, BMWs “first in market” marketing strategy carries a lot of positive goodwill and cache that we can use to strengthen our competitive advantage, bring new customers into our dealerships, and expand our brand without alienating our current customer base.
Fluff. Don’t write what they know and/or is not immediately germane to the decision: what to do for 2002?

Keeping the film quality high and adhering to the same production standards, BMW should budget $18 million for the new films ($9 million to produce and $9 million to market) and still realize a greater sales potential. Reference APPENDICES (p. 4 of this document) for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) used in analysis.

Assuming a Contribution Margin of $10,000 (Average Price of $30,000 – Variable Costs of $20,000), we only need to sell 4,800 vehicles to breakeven for the total costs

Next Steps:

Create a new set of edgy and exciting scripts for the “sequel” films

Retain Clive Owen to reprise his role as “The Hire”

Recruit a set of up-and-coming, well respected directors for the new set of films

Engage marketing campaign to generate anticipation of the set of new films

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