Create a visual presentation on a particular non-human primate.

Create a visual presentation on a particular non-human primate. This presentation should be both informational and visual and should consist of 10-12 pictures with accompanying narrative. You may download pictures for educational purposes, but please do not use more than 3 images from any given site. Please do not include information that you do not understand or cannot explain, and place content in your own words. Please include the following information in your presentation:

The primates ancestral or evolutionary pathway: what extinct fossils may be connected to this living primate (USE TEXT!)

1. This primates classification.
2. What kind of environment does it live in, geographically and regionally?
3. How does this primate survive? (daily life, locomotion, diet etc.)
4. Life cycle information
5. Family and Social structure
6. Communication
7. Human impacts
8. Recent or interesting research with this primate
9. Anything surprising?
Added on 11.04.2016 18:55
I actually need 3-4 sources cited at the bottom of the page in APA format.

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