Whilst it is valuable to use a range of diagnostic tools to assist with the analysis of the status quo, this section should focus on the results and analysis of implications.Explain

Following review of the Diagnosis Report, your team has been commissioned by the CEO to progress the independent analysis and develop a practicable, creative and strategic design for organizational change at Chic with sensitivity to Business Ethics and CSR. Your design for change should take into account and exploit new ideas and pertinent thinking captured in the relevant bodies of change related theory and draw on good innovative practices in other countries across the globe.
As with the earlier report, its formal academic/management nature requires a formal, mature and analytical writing style. The individual sections should evidence clear linkages building upon ideas and arguments previously presented in earlier sections. The design for change report must be structured as follows:
Preliminaries* A Title Page: Detailing the title of the report, the names of the authors and programme of study, word count and the submission date.
Executive Summary: Key elements of the report including report aim, case context, key issues and implications, main recommendations in design for change and analysis of implications for the case organization comprehensively and well summarized on a single page.
A Contents Page: Detailing content headings and page numbers, and list of appendices and page numbers.
Main Report Introduction: The aim, scope and structure of the report are succinctly set out, with a brief theoretically supported elaboration of the topic (Change).
Case Overview: Succinct overview of case context.
Diagnosis and Analysis of Combined Implications: Clear and succinct identification of the key issues impacting on Chic (strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats) and Insightful assessment of the combined current and future implications for the organisation, reflecting sensitivity to CSR and Business Ethics. The discussion should be well supported by appropriate sources, effectively scoped, logically structured, appropriately detailed and show evidence of wider reading. Where relevant, arguments made should be linked to appropriate theory. (Whilst it is valuable to use a range of diagnostic tools to assist with the analysis of the status quo, this section should focus on the results and analysis of implications).

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