Critical Thinking Paper

Assessment 3 – Critical Thinking Paper
Critical Thinking Paper (40%) Due Week 13, Friday at 5pm GMT +8

Provide a critique of one of the major health reports listed below. Use the conceptual frameworks you have been introduced to in this unit to critique the report. You will need to clearly define and give a background to the report and its main findings/content. You will then need to provide a considered and well referenced critique of its contribution to the global public health agenda. This may include such things as limitations to the report, how robust the foundations on which it is based are, biases, impact on global health, how comprehensive the coverage is, gaps that you feel could have been addressed, policy implications, what contribution the report has made to the peer reviewed literature etc.

Ensure you follow best practice in academic writing including adequate and appropriate referencing by following the Guide to Assignment Presentation. Students are encouraged to use Endnote for referencing.

World Health Organisation Global Tuberculosis Report 2015
The Lancet – Global health 2035: a world converging within a generation
United Nations The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015
ITC Project 2014. Tobacco Price and Taxation: ITC Cross-Country Comparison Report. University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada;
World Health Organisation 2014. Global status report on noncommunicable diseases. Geneva: World Health Organisation.
WHO; US National Institute of Aging 2011 Global Health and Aging. NIH no 11-7737
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 2013 Global Report UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic 2013, Geneva WHO

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