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Sport managers are rarely trained in policy. Yet, the skills of policy analysis arguably have substantial utility for the management of sport, regardless of the professional positions in which people find themselves. Select a sport policy issue of interest to you. Remember that it must be different from the topic you presented on during the semester. Once the topic is selected, you will offer a new policy solution to the sport management field. Address the following questions for your sport policy issue:
What is the problem (e.g., what is the background of the topic and why does it matter)?
What policy solution do you offer to alleviate this problem in sport? Describe in detail.
Why will this new sport policy work? What changes to the sport industry will result?

Essentially, this paper should demonstrate your knowledge of course concepts and readings, but it should also go beyond class discussion in its critical assessment of the particular policy issue on which you focus. Your own voice should come out in this paper! Logical arguments and ideas should flow well together.
Papers should be 4-5 pages (double-spaced, 12-pt Times or like font, one-inch margins) and follow APA format for in-text citations. See link below for a useful website to check APA formatting questions. The citation of at least 5 sources is required and at least 3 must be from scholarly/peer-reviewed journals like you have read for class. A works cited page is required at the end of the paper.

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