Critically evaluate the role and effectiveness of ethical codes in finance and business management.

A report which provides an analysis, with regards to ethical conduct, of Aviva a FTSE100 company and its annual report.
Strategic planning is a process that all major FTSE 100 companies use to make decisions, with managerial actions needing to match the business objectives and operational goals. Ethical issues surface when decisions are taken to advance goals which have negative consequences and can cause the loss of credibility, impacting on brand perception and ultimately leading to a possible loss of revenue.
The top-down approach to ethics is arguably an absolute necessity in all businesses, for by communicating and modelling behavioural standards throughout the business, it can be verified that no gap exists between standards and behaviour. Evaluating standards and behaviour of the corporate leadership, effectively promotes compliance for the business in safeguarding assets, financial interests and establishing social responsibility, helping to relieve the pressure faced from competitors, consumers, stakeholders and the economic market.

FTSE100 company Aviva and acquire their annual report.
Evaluate and prepare a report (by referring to relevant ethical frameworks):

a)The development and implementation of a strategic approach to ethical decision-making and the consideration of ethics in the companys operations. (30 Marks)
b)Critically evaluate how effective such an approach to ethics may prove to be. (30 Marks)
c)Based on the results of your analysis, what changes, with justifications, would you recommend? (30 Marks)

Analyse ethical issues in financial and management practice and develop an understanding of the fundamental ethical principles for financial management.

Evaluate potential ethical dilemmas in financial and management settings and apply ethical framework to aid rational managerial decision making.

Recommend reasoned solutions for managing conflict between people in practical financial and management situations.

Critically evaluate the role and effectiveness of ethical codes in finance and business management.

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