Purpose of paper is to evaluate a SUBTOPIC in the book, including contents of book. Book: Rock Around the Bloc by Timothy W. Ryback.

This is a history research paper and My book is: Rock Around the Bloc by Timothy W. Ryback. It must include academic/scholarly/professional journals, books, magazines, and websites. MLA citations & Works Cited formatting. My Subtopic: How Rock and Roll changed the world.

Title of book, authors name, publisher & city, dates of publication, & number of pages as the title.

Introduction/brief summary: Describe book’s organization, author’s goal, why did he covered this specific subject, What contribution to our understanding of history did the author intend to make? This should be about 8 sentences.

Identify the aspect of the book that is important regarding my subtopic. Describe the sources/evidence used by the author and indicate the evidence you will use to explore this aspect of the book. (few sentences)

Critical assessment: Link ideas from book to cultural/historical/political movements. Political ideologies. What sources did the author use.

Conclusion: How does the book helps readers to understand more on the history of Rock and Roll in relation to its time period. What can we learn from it. Assess the organization and style of work.

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