Critically examine the notion of the technological fix, illustrating your discussion with suitable examples.

Project description
This subject is about technology and the society that the impact of technology on the society. I will provide you two essay topics, and you can choose which topic is easier for you to write a good essay

1. Critically examine the notion of the technological fix, illustrating your discussion with suitable examples.
This topic is about technological fix, that A technological fix refers to the attempt of using engineering or technology to solve a problem (often created by earlier technological interventions). According to the lecture notes, there are three types of technological fix:
-Repair the social (create order or re-order) through the application of technology which means that it make something better by technology such as medicine.
-Fix, fixation, addiction, fetish means that whenever there is a problem, we use technology to overcome it
– reduce (oversimplify) social problems to something solvable through technology that we misrecognize the problem, we oversimply the social, economic and political problem .

Please find examples to discuss these three types of technological fix, and I think 2-3 examples for each technological fix is enough. And every type of technological fix need reference. I will provide you reading list about this topic. However, please find other journals to support as well.Please evaluate each examples about how it fits into that type of technological fix

2. Drawing upon one or (possibly) two suitable examples critically examine the notion of surveillance creep in the context of electronic monitoring systems. (The reading for seminar 3 will be a starting point here but your examples will need to be different.).

I haven\’t got any information about this , but i have a reading list for you to have a look

please remember every example need a reference that you could not make something up.

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