US/Mexican Border

This research activity is designed for the students to take their knowledge from the readings,
class and guest lectures, videos and personal interest and apply them to a meaningful design
project which personally interests them. The student will considering present surroundings,
issues, historical events and future projections of society along the Mexico/US Border Region.
The students will draw from class lectures, book content, as well as other outside research about
their Mexico/US Border studies topics and project them into a research paper, which will form
the basis of their final design project.
APA format w/citations in body of paper
4 page minimum
Cover page
Describe the history of the site in detail
What is the sites significance to the Mexico/US Border region?
What are the demographics?
What is the natural environment like?
What is the current situation/news from the site and its surrounding area?
Minimum 10 sources for literature review
Sources Page
Use spell-check and re-read your final draft out loud before submitting
Quality counts!

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