Issue Paper #2 (Cybersecurity)This paper should present an argument concerning an issue in cybersecurity. You should first define a topic area (general and specific), then identify an issue within that topic area and put forward an argument concerning that issue. Your argument should incorporate at least three of the four types of claim. Provide data or other supporting evidence to bolster your main and supporting points.Note: do NOT use structural subheaders (such as General Topic, Issue, Argument, etc) in the paper. Although these elements should be in the content, you do not need to flag them with a special subheader.EXAMPLEGeneral topic: Network securitySpecific topic: Wi-Fi securityQuestion: How safe are these networks, really?Issue: Public and free wi-fi networks are becoming more popular, but may present security risksArgument: More efforts are needed to educate the public about best practices when using public networks.Examples/evidence: A recent poll showing the level of concern (not very high) among public wi-fi users (Links to an external site.); comments by experts; data on security incidents; interviews with network users.EXAMPLEGeneral topic: Business strategyQuestion: Are companies planning for the long-term or simply reacting to immediate or near-term market conditions?Issue: Many companies focus on the short-term and pay insufficient attention to long-term trends.Argument: Companies must balance responding to short-term needs with anticipating longer-term developments.Examples/evidence: Borders, the defunct bookstore chain, failed to anticipate and prepare for the long-term business challenge posed by devices such as Kindle and services such as Amazon. It waited until the situation became critical and the response was \”too little, too late.\”Length: 700-800 words

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