Project Plan Part 2

Continue developing the comprehensive project proposal outline.Develop the project budget for your project proposal.Include the following:· Identify available resources (consider subcontractors)· Create a labor budget· Createa capital budget· Align the schedule and scope to the labor and capital budgetDevelop the risk management plan for your project proposal.Address the following:· Identify internal and external risks· Define appropriate budget of contingencies for risks identified.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignmentAssignment Clarificationo As you should already have a schedule created for your project (from last week), this week I\’d like to see you calculating the costs for each of the activities in your schedule. Who is going to do the work? What is the rate? If you are using your employer, you do not have to reveal actual salary amounts. Let\’s be realistic, but you can change the numbers. I want this to be realistic, but I am more interested in the thought processes you put into calculating costs. Besides the labor associated with each activity in the schedule, what additional costs might you and your project team encounter? Yes, it may be helpful to submit your updated MS Project file along with your MS Word document this week.When thinking about risk, what is involved in risk analysis? Do we need to understand this as we develop the risk management plan? Remember, I want to see you being able to apply information from our reading.These are points to consider as you work on this week\’s assignment.

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