Data Privacy

•    Write an argumentative essay that is related to your major or interest. It must present and defend a clear thesis statement in which you take a specific stand.
•    Utilize at least four high-quality academic references that you access through FDU on-line or physical libraries. Use of Wikipedia, .com websites of people not known as experts in their fields, papers written by other students or research paper services and similar sources do not meet this “high-quality” requirement.
•    Develop a clear thesis statement that you will support in your paper. This requires researching, analyzing, appropriately quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing the resources as well as synthesizing material. Utilize information from your resources to draw implications that support your thesis.
•    Your paper will be written in APA format and must include:
o        Title page
o        Abstract
o        Appropriate in text citations (APA style and format)
o        References
o        Appendixes (if appropriate)
o        Outline*
Cover, Abstract/Prefatory Information, References, Appendix, Illustrations and other support materials are in addition to the 5-6 body pages noted above.
•    Your paper must be double space, 12 pt Times New Roman, with paragraph indents, no extra spaces between paragraphs.
•    Margins must be 1-inch top, bottom and both sides, with alignment flush left and uneven, or ragged, on right.
•    In-text citations (including secondary source citations) and references must follow APA guidelines as covered in class and in handouts that are distributed to you.

•    Proofread your papers before handing in the paper to get the best grades possible. Use all the resources available to you (Research Librarian, Writing Studio, CASS, Academic Writing Textbook, APA handouts, etc.).

•    Data privacy- Are new laws needed to prevent organizations or companies from collecting online personal data?
o    Pro-Sal ( me)
o    Con-other student
•    Internet shopping- Should states require all online retailers to collect sales taxes? Your primary audience will be me and your classmates.  Therefore, your paper must be understandable to a broader audience than experts in your field. You will have to explain concepts and acronyms and not expect your audience to understand discipline-specific jargon.

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