Decicion making

Please write a two page proposal, that is academically relevant. Please discuss topic that you have in mind first with me.I am interested in decision making theories especially on an executive management level and I am thinking of either linking that to the cultivation theory or the decision making process of technology company\’s such as Google, Facebook etc. They all use cookies and preferences to filter the information that they show us. Watch this short introduction video: filter bubble\’s have a big impact on society, yet no of these tech companies seem to feel that it\’s their responsibility. The same goes for privacy issues.If possible, I would like to research how their ethical decision making is done and if they should have any social responsibly or should they just care about shareholder values.As you can notice, I didn\’t do much academic research on this topic, so please help me to get a better idea of what a good and feasible research topic could be.If you have any question or have an idea for a good research topic, please contact me.Research question and methodology are most important to be very solid and though through!

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