Health Equity Essay

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights –Significance for Health Equity document was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948. The implementation and adoption of the principles there in have significance for achieving social justice and health equity. Please prepare an essay that contains:• Analysis of the document as a blueprint for achieving social justice and/or health equity (i.e., is it feasible, realistic, or other response you may have), and• If you were charged with identifying a single Article that would initiate or begin the process of achieving social justice and/or health equity, which would it be, and why?This assignment requires that you be succinct, precise and efficient in your discussion so that you remain within the allotted number of words. Do not fill the pages with description of the Declaration or a particular Article, but assure that the content demonstrates a mastery of the material and makes evident your ability to analyze and convey your insights and perspective.

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