Decision-making and Information Politics

One of the most critical problems faced by the information technology department in virtually every organization is how to provide effective help to end-users facing problems with the technology. The help desk is the point at which every frustration, every concern, and every mistake known to humanity is brought for resolution. Typically staffed by lower-level and often new personnel, help desks often have a reputation for minimal service and buck-passing. It shouldn’t be this way, and doesn’t have to be; there’s a lot of information out there about how to effectively manage and coordinate help services, and a great deal of information about how important is to do so. But like many aspects of IT, this knowledge doesn’t always make it into the field in many organizations.

A while ago, TechRepublic ran a series on how to set up and manage help desks. You can read the series here:

“Setting up a successful help desk–physical considerations” and

“Try these efficiency strategies when setting up a successful help desk”

For this SLP you are expected to evaluate in a 2-3 page paper, the best strategies for a successful help desk within an organization. Identify three (3) best practices and provide some examples on how and why those strategies are important. Because this is a SLP, you are expected to discuss the topic with practical approach. Do you have experiences that you can describe about user support (as a user or as an IT person)? why were they good or bad? what suggestions do you have?

SLP assignment expectations:

Your assignment will be graded following these expectations:

– Precision: the questions asked are answered.

– Clarity: Your answers are clear and show your good understanding of the topic.

– Breadth and depth: The scope covered in your paper is directly related to the questions of the assignment and the learning objectives of the module.

– Applicability: once you complete the practical exercise, such as the visit to a web site or program testing, you correctly relate it to the theoretical concepts and the learning objectives of the module.

– Your paper is well written and the references are properly cited and listed (refer to TUI guidelines )

– Your paper meets the page requirements not counting the cover page or the references pages.

background reading
Required Websites

Objective of IT governance:
Centralization versus Decentralization:
Different models / Roundtable discussion:
IT Governance Structure for a public child-welfare agency:
University of South Florida IT Governance Structure:
Overview of Decision Making:
Main methods of business decision-making:
Optional Readings

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“Setting up a successful help desk–physical considerations”

“Try these efficiency strategies when setting up a successful help desk”

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Website: This site has great articles about latest issues of information technology management.

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