Managing Change in the Workplace

Write an essay exploring the extent to which organisational culture may be a factor in the falling market share for M & S and if organisational culture can be changed to meet changing economic and market conditions.

In this task students will be required to:
1. Identify the issues within the context of the question
2. Apply research skills to examine and analyse the literature appropriate to the issues
3. Discuss the implications of the analysis, supported by practical examples
4. Frame appropriate conclusions and recommendations based upon the research, analysis and understanding of the assignment.
5. Support your arguments through approved academic referencing .

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Main body
• What is happening to M&S’s market share?
• Provide a account of this based on your research
• This will be suggesting that there is a problem
• What is the problem?

• Some commentators suggest that in order to change, an organisation may be inhibited by its ‘organisational culture’
• Thus organisational culture may be a variable in regards to successful change and performance improvement

• What though do we mean by organisational culture?
• Earlier commentators have suggested that organisational culture is critical in understanding change
• They suggest that it is a ‘variable’ which is created ‘within’ the organisation and management can control and manipulate (who are these earlier theorist?)
• Examples include …..
• Often referred to as the ‘has’ approach

• More recent  commenters place less emphasis on organisational culture as a variable to be controlled
• They point out that culture is a more complex concept than previous commenter’s accounts.
• They suggest that rather than organisations having a culture as a variable, they in fact are cultures. In other words the organisation ‘is’ a culture
• Rather than controlling organisational culture, change agents can perhaps only understand the culture.

• Returning then back to the issue of M&S. From the ‘has’ approach. It could be suggested that the company does have a culture
• How could we discover this?
• Using model/s we could identify some features which identify this (history, structure, rituals)
• If this is the case we could perhaps change this.
• We could for example adopt a behaviourist approach which places emphasis on reinforcing desired behaviours rather than changing ideas

• The ‘is’ approach as stated above might have limited application here but could still provide some understanding in regards to possible resistance. How?

• Summarise then to what extent organisational culture might impact on falling sales. Might it for example not be a factor at all in falling market shares?
• Summarise your view on whether organisational culture can be changed. Justify your decision

• Offer some concluding points and recommendations in regards to the issue of organisational culture and managing change.

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