Define terms related to the theories and principles of criminology.

Theoretical Perspectives and the Law Objectives Define terms related to the theories and principles of criminology Discuss the principles and policy implications of the classical school of thought Assignment Overview This writing assignment explores whether the United States should make laws to control behavior in other countries as well as how classical and neoclassical perspectives affect this argument. Deliverables A two-page ( 500-word) paper answering the questions posed. Step 1 Read about Richard Schmidt and the causes of sex tourism. Use the Internet to locate an article about the 2004 case of Richard Schmidt, a former schoolteacher from Baltimore, Maryland, who was arrested upon his return from Cambodia and the Philippines for the crime of child sex tourism. Find additional information about the causes and incentives of sex tourism. Step 2 Answer the following questions: Using the software predetermined by your instructor, record your answers to the following questions: International sex tourism takes place outside the United States. Should our government make laws to control behavior in foreign countries? If so, should those laws apply only to U.S. citizens or to others as well? Your answer should be based on research and not your opinion. How do the theoretical perspectives discussed in this lesson apply to sex tourism, if at all? Which perspective seems best suited to explaining the behavior? Explain this fully

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